About Us


The Coastside Fire Protection District (District) will aggressively work to protect lives, the environment, and property through fire protection, suppression, emergency medical and rescue actions, and public education.  


District will professionally execute its public service responsiblities in an exemplary manner that is acknowledged, valued and respected by citizens, employees, and the entire emergency service industry.   


  1. Complete public transparency is mandatory on all District deliberations and decisions.
  2. Ethical conduct and integrity is required for all Board members, contractors, and employees.
  3. Civility and courtesy are expected in all District operations.
  4. Excellent, complete performance is required of all contractors and employees.
  5. The District Board of Directors accepts complete fiduciary responsibility for all District financial actions.
  6. The District Board of Directors' decisions and management actions will reflect responsible use of taxpayers' funds.
  7. District will achieve and maintain "District of Distinction" status.

What We Do

The Coastside Fire Protection District provides the fire protection services for the City of Half Moon Bay and the Communities of Montara, Moss Beach, Princeton, El Granada and Miramar in addition to the surrounding unincorporated areas with a total District size of 50 square miles and a population of 30,000 residents.

The District operates three fire stations to provide the emergency services: Fire Station 40 is located within the downtown area of the City of Half Moon Bay, Fire Station 41 is located within the unincorporated area of El Granada and Fire Station 44 is located within the Moss Beach Area of the District.

The District has eleven volunteer firefighter positions along with thirty-two paid positions that includes:

1 Assistant Fire Chief
1 Fire Marshal
1 Deputy Fire Marshal
4 Battalion Chiefs 
2 Administrative Support Positions 

All stations are staffed with 1 Fire Captain and 2 Fire Apparatus Engineers; one of which is a paramedic to provide advance life support service.  Shift personnel work a scheduled 3 day/72-hour work week.

In addition to traditional fire service, the District provides:

Advance Life Support, Cliff Rescue, Water Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, Vehicle and Residential Lock-Out

The Coastside Fire Protection District responds to approximately 2,200 calls for service each year.